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Quality starts at the farm level, we have practical and powerful tools for growers. From the orchards through till the end of the packing line.

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Further downstream exporters require additional systems to manage large volumes of fresh goods from many different clients. Our tools help streamline any pre-shipment clearance.

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Once cargo is imported it is often, or should always be, inspected. Top QC's solution saves time and money for small, medium and large importers.

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Just before the consumer bites into his fresh apple, it must first go through a distributor. Our technology assist both distributor and retailer track their fresh produce quality across multiple arrivals, suppliers and seasons.

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Within the fresh produce industry, Quality Control is a vital part of the journey from farm to fork.

Top QC solves this key aspect for growers, exporters and importers.

We help your inspectors and team to improve their performance when making QC reports. No more need for a costly 3rd party surveyor for your inspections.

Top QC gives your inspectors an easy to use app which can be opened on their phone, iPad or desktop computer. It allows the inspector to complete QC reports in a professional, timely and uniform manner.

Every QC report is automatically saved into a database which can be accessed by the commercial and management team. This allows for live season summaries and better decision making in different seasons.

Through the combination of experience, research and high quality software design, Top QC simplifies the QC process for inspectors, managers and commercial teams.

This allows for time saving, a uniform database, more control and better decision making.